Web Design

We can help your business gain an online presence with reasonable rates.  We can design a website from scratch, or duplicate an existing design.

Our web hosting comes with our own content management system (CMS) which allows you to easily sign into your webpage from anywhere and change your site information easily without any programming knowledge.  Other CMS's like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla can also be used.  We have different hosting packages to choose from for whichever would meet your needs.

Contact us today if you would like to see a demonstration of our CMS, or if you have any additional questions.

Setup & Repair

Very experienced in computer and server setup and installation as well as hardware repair.  I work full-time in a Microsoft server environment heavily utilizing virtualization technologies, but am still very knowledgeable with everything on down to home desktops and laptops.

If you need your home or small business network set up, we can help with that as well.  We have experience in setting up secured wireless networks as well as physically wired private networks.

Well versed in document recovery and virus removal that more often than not happens together.  We can also help secure your home or business computer to reduce risks of becoming infected with a virus, trojan horse, or malware.

If your computer has crashed or your flash drive has broken, and you think your documents are gone, give us a chance and recovering them for you.

We regularly refurbish laptops and some cellphones with common issues like a bad motherboard, screen, or keyboard, but also have experience in replacing solder in components, fixing cold or broken solder joints, and replacing components in computers, electronics, and even televisions.

Laptop & Desktop Sales

Tech Ya Later Services LLC is a registered Microsoft refurbisher.  We buy, examine, and refurbish laptops and desktops for resale.  If you have a need for a computer, please give us a call, text, or email because we always seem to have more computers coming.

If you have a laptop or desktop working or not, or even extra working parts that you would like gone, please let us know, we may be able offer you something for it.

Consulting & Training

We can offer consultation services, giving our professional opinion based off of on the job experience since 2005 and degrees in Management Information Systems and Electrical and Information Engineering Technology.  We have experience with desktops, laptops, and thin clients, as well as physical and virtual server environments utilizing iSCSI network attached storage.

We also help setup systems or software and train on how to maintain or use them.

Please let us know if you think we may be able to help or if you have any questions in our areas of experience.